Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lead Kindly Bus Wheels

Ok. So we are having another baby in a month. In my most pregnant state, my nesting instinct is in high gear. We decided we would turn our office into a room for Jane and leave the nursery for the new baby. Last month, we moved the office downstairs and cleared out the room upstairs. Then Jevan (with his new found home improvement skills - it's quite amazing really) put up bead board and chair rail all around the room. So cute. All that was left to do was paint the upper half of the room. I love green so I decided that we would go with a nice kid shade of know, a soft but fun color like you see in all the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs? (Evil things, those catalogs - they make you think that you too can have a room with matching furniture, bedding and all sorts of dazzling accessories. Let's be real here. Next time I have $80 to spend on a little chair shaped like a snail, I'll let you know). So, again, all I had to do was go pick a good paint color. No problem huh?

WRONG!! WHAT THE??!! HOW IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE EVER PICK THE RIGHT COLOR? Holy frustrating process, Batman. I have all but given up. After 2 weeks of multiple trips to Home Depot for paint samples, countless numbers of paint splotches on the wall, looking in the room each day to see what the different colors look like in different light, switching to an actual paint store because Home Depot just wasn't making the grade, and much grumbling from Jevan, we FINALLY painted the room and came out with a nursery I would like to call Grasshopper Cookie Surprise (named because the color matches the exact neon minty green color of the stuff inside a grasshopper cookie). YIKES! HELP ME! HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?? I've decided that interior decorating is definately not in my bag of talents (not that I really have a bag of talents's more of a small coin purse containing the one talent I have of being able to purr like a cat that I've been told sounds very real). I've resigned myself to go back to the paint store, make one last try at picking a color, repaint the room, and whatever comes out of it is what we get. The end. Does anyone need 10 or more small paint cans full of green colored paint in all shades? If so, have I got a deal for you.

Tonight, we went to a superbowl party. It was with a bunch of Jevan's friends, most of which are married but without any kids. Because she was really the only toddler running around, Jane got lots of attention which she soaked up like a sponge. They all taught her how to make referree signs and by the end of the night she was signing "touch down", "no good", "false start" and "holding". She got roars of laughter whenever people yelled out a call and she made the sign. What a ham.

It is amazing to me how little toddler brains pick up on everything you do, without you realizing it. Today in church, Jane watched everyone with their head bowed during the prayer and promptly tried to bow her head too, digging her little chin into her neck folds. She also picked up a hymn book, turned to "Lead Kindly Light" and began singing the song to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round". Lead kindly bus wheels, lead us all through the town.