Friday, August 31, 2007

Caught in the act...

Even though I really should be in bed right now, I had to blog this picture because it just really makes me laugh. A few months ago, I had a good friend come in town from out of state and some friends and I got together with her up at ranch her family owns. She took some great pictures and sent me some, one of which was this one. It makes me giggle because these two totally look caught in the act. This is Jane's little friend Romney. He is only a month younger. The picture looks like they just got caught giving each other lovin' OR it looks like ..."No, Mom, I was just giving Romney HUGS...I was not stealing his raisins from him and eating them....and no, those are not raisin guts smeared across my face." Romney has a look like.."Right. Are you really going to believe her?"

Hee hee. Kids are awesome. Marie, if you are reading this, you really need to start your own blog! I would be a faithful reader for sure....
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogs Can Have Skins?

Ok. So. The other night, I spent over 3 hours trying to "cuteify" my blog page. Even after getting my computer savvy husband involved, what you see here is all we came up with. Not so cute...and we both went to bed all frustrated. Silly huh? So I ask you, how does everyone get all these cute, chic, hip, whatever-you-want-to-call-them, blog sites? I know I should be posting on my blog instead of focusing on how it looks, but unfortunately, I am one of those OCD types that has to have everything just right before I can concentrate..i.e., in college, I HAD to clean my room and have my desk completely spotless before I could sit down and write a paper. So there you have it. Can anyone help me?

Just as a teaser of things I plan to write about later: Jane no longer has a seahorse on her knee. She now has a little elf/devil inside her instead that makes her yell "NO!" and "MINE!" all the time. I preferred the seahorse. Allison is growing teeth and I think I am becoming vegetarian...again.