Monday, July 16, 2007


So it goes without saying that I haven't blogged for a while...and I actually just don't feel up to the task of playing catch up with the past few months. Let's just say I have basically been on survival mode for the last 3 months, trying to figure out how to manage two kiddos.

I think I would just like to start from here and now. I'd like to start with the seahorse. Yes, the seahorse. The seahorse that Jane is convinced lives on her knee. She tells me about it just about everyday. "Mama?" she says. "Yah, Jane" I answer. She gets a look of great concern on her face, points down to her knee and says, "Seahorse....knee." "Hmmm...." I say, looking intently at her knee, "I don't see any seahorse on your knee, babe, sure about that?" "Yah," she says with a sigh of resignation, like no one will ever understand the burden of having to live a lifetime with this seahorse on her knee, "Seahorse." And with that she is off to her next task of taking all her books out of her bookcase or clipping her teddy bear into Allison's carseat. The child is completely random. I am just curious to see what lives on other parts of her body. Jevan is convinced a man lives in his eyebrows. It must be genetic. Speaking of eyebrows, did you know that there are little mites that live in your eyebrows? My SIL told me that. She knows all kinds of smart things like that. That's why I love her.

So since this is a completely disjointed post, I would also like to vent a minute. If you have a dog, a dog that sheds....I mean, really you could make a sweater out of the fur that collects in the canister of your vacuum each day, I ask you....HOW does it not make you go INSANE?? Don't get me wrong, I really do love Jasper. But sometimes I wonder how I managed to pick the pound puppy mutt that, by just sneezing, fills the room with a floating cloud of fur. Yuck. It really drives me crazy. It drives Jevan crazy too. One day, when Jevan was out cleaning off the driveway after mowing the lawn, I just happened to peer out the window only to see him with Jasper trapped between his legs, eyes bugging out in terror, as Jevan tries to blow off all his excess fur with the leaf blower. (Yes, I do fear for the boys that will come to date our daughters one day. My husband can be a bit crazy and there is no telling what he might try..especially when it comes to using big power tool type things.) So just for fun, and because I am just so grossed out by it, I decided to take a picture of what I sweep up off my wood floors if I let it go over a week or so. If anyone who is reading this is a regular at my house, please know that I do sweep and vacuum often, so don't be too afraid to come over..... I decided to spare everyone the picture of my vacuum canister.

Another random thought: Allison laughed for the first time last week. An all-out belly laugh. She was in my lap watching Jane jump around in the tub. All of a sudden, Jane slipped and landed on her bum. Allison burst out laughing. It was just about the cutest thing I have ever heard. I think it even surprised her because it just burst out her little body. Jane continued to do it again and again, and each time we got a funny little laugh out of Allison. Oh man, those are the moments that make motherhood worthwhile, huh? My heart just melted. So another first for Allison...she can now roll over AND laugh!

We had Jevan's aunt's wedding this weekend and Jane and Allison were flower girls. They looked so cute that I have to post some pictures.

Jane in her "pretty dress"

Jane with her cousins -

Jane, Allison and Aunt Stephy