Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Allie-Cat

Allison got a little older this month. It will now be a bit more believable when I tell people her age. Now I can say "3" and maybe only the occasional person will say, "Really? But she's so big!!", like I got day in and day out when I used to tell people she was 2. Yes, yes, she ain't a short kid. But let's not go giving her a Jolly Green Giant complex or anything, okay? Now that she is 3, maybe she is starting to fit into her body a little more.

So in keeping with tradition and to give a little tribute to Allison, here is the top 10 things I love about Allison. Really there are 4 kajillion, buhbillion and ten (Jane's favorite number) but that might just be a wee too much for one post (plus, how many is that, I wonder?).


1. Her funny little scrunched up smile and mischievous laugh.

Allie at one year old.

2. Her sense of daring. Nothing is too scary, too fast or too deep. This can be seen as a good thing or as a certain death wish. It is a true adventure to take this child swimming. Diving boards, waterslides...these are no obstacles...just continual ways to make her mother stress out. She is also pretty low drama when it comes to pain. Last month I took her sledding and she took a spill that ended in a gushing head wound. She cried for a minute and then became fascinated by the "red paint". She only started to cry again when I told her I had to take her to the car to get her cleaned up instead of taking her back to the sledding hill. We had to take her to urgent care and they super-glued her back together. (I know, super glue? The stuff really works though.) She was a trooper.

3. The fact that she named her favorite stuffed animal puppy "Perrito". (She is OBSESSED with Dora the Explorer right now). The great thing is that she has a tough time saying perrito so it sounds like "burrito". Who wouldn't want a puppy named after mexican food?

4. The way she snuggles into me when she's tired (and it takes a lot to do that). I have had to wait years for this child to snuggle. I will gladly take all of it I can get.

Allie at 5 months.

5. That she potty trained herself! Really, I tried for a few weeks to get her to use the potty - she would use it, but then if I didn't ask her if she had to go every 5 minutes, we would have accidents. It was a bit of a nightmare. Finally, I told her I had given up and we were back to pull-ups. A week or so later, she asked for one last chance with her underwear and has never looked back. Yay! For the first time in 4 years, there are no diapers in our house.

6. That she thinks her "real" name is Allison Wonderland. She gets mad if you tell her what her real last name is. I'm with her. Wonderland is much, much cooler.

Allison Wonderland

7. Her funny little brain. I would love to know what goes on up there. She is in her own little world so much that I figure it must be something pretty good. This also makes her the world's best dawdler (is that a word)? You ask her to do something as simple as to go put on some socks and it MIGHT get done next Thursday. I think it's funny and maddening at the same time.

8. Her outgoing personality. Allie really fears no one. She will walk up to anyone and ask them their name. That's about as far as the conversation goes, but she is not shy. Again, this can be good and bad in that she has no problem telling anyone her mind, and also has no problem with "stranger danger".

9. The way she can be going 90 miles an hour and then sit down and "read" her favorite books quietly to herself for a good half hour. She is a crazy busy kid, but she can focus when she wants to.

10. Her big heart. Allie is so loving and is always asking if I'm okay. She loves to give bear hugs and slobbery kisses. I know she loves her older sister. Although they fight a lot, you can also find her happily tagging after Jane where ever she goes.

Allison is a source of great happiness in our lives. She makes us laugh, makes us wonder, makes us slow down and just enjoy the journey. We love you Allie!


For her birthday, we took Allie, along with her cousins, to the Kamas Pool to go swimming. After, we had pizza and cake. It was a grand time. Here are some pictures.

Allie opening her dress ups and jewelry from her grandma and grandpa.

Pizza with cousins.

My lowly cake decorating skills...the "Allie Cat" cake.

Allie in her new birthday hat from her aunt...with pizza all over her face...